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Humbly, I, Joseph Najm am Director of VA Home Inspect, LLC and one of the few Virginia State Certified Home Inspectors properly Licensed to perform Home Inspections in Virginia. Also Fully Certified with NEHA, NRPP, NACHI, DPOR, IAC2 and the industry’s Most Prestigious and Respected Home Inspection Organization, the “American Society of Home Inspectors”, (ASHI).

As a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, I’m honored to work towards my clients' best interests; and am happy to offer 25% OFF to Fire, Military, Police and 1st Time Home Buyers!

As a former Realtor in Northern Virginia, I know the "ins and outs" of a Northern Virginia Real Estate transaction. By blending both experiences, I’m able to serve my clients’ best interests better than their own Realtor at times.

A good home inspection is key in protecting your interests and saving you from a potential disaster. Equally important is the inspector. My goal is to be Your Strongest Ally during your Real Estate Endeavors.  I do not cater to Realtors! I work in the interests of only my client.  

The Northern Virginia Real Estate Sales Contract is no longer contingent upon the essential final walk through items such as the; Plumbing system, HVAC system, Electrical System, Structure system, Appliances, etc. being in working condition. Buyers still do a final walk though before settlement, it is to verify negotiated items have been repaired and the home is in the same condition specified in the contract. 

The contract now reads that the home and conveying equipment will be in the same condition as either the contract ratification date or home inspection date. These changes make home inspections even more important because a buyer is relying on the inspection as a benchmark to the condition it should be in at settlement.

Written in plain English, your State-of-the-Art home inspection report is posted online for easy retrieval no later than the very next morning. It includes a Summary, detailed photos with arrows, maintenance recommendations and more! View a Sample Report- Click Here.

Call me, joseph at 703-786-3368 and find out how much I can help you!

                                                                                                  Former Disabled Veteran of the USMC; Joseph Najm    

                    25% OFF Fire, Military, Police, 1st Time Home Buyers

25% OFF Fire, Military, Police, 1st Time Home Buyers

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