Joseph Najm; Owner of VA Home Inspect, LLC and Former Disabled Veteran of the USMC
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Humbly, I, Joseph Najm am Director of VA Home Inspect, LLC, a Former Marine and one of the few Virginia State Licensed Real Estate Inspectors (3380000493) issued by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations. Also, an Internationally recognized InterNACHI Certified Inspector, and a Former Realtor in the Great State of Virginia who knows the "ins and outs" of a Real Estate transaction. Finally, I am Honored to hold the rank of a Fully Certified Inspector of this Country's Most Prestigious and Respected Home Inspector Organization, the "American Society of Home Inspectors" (ASHI). 

I am only going to be successful if my client is truly happy with everything I have to offer her/him. Did you know that the Northern Virginia Real Estate Sales Contract has changed? One of the most significant differences involves the walk through before settlement. The contract is no longer contingent upon the essential final walk through items such as; the Plumbing system, HVAC system, Electrical System, Appliances, etc. to be in working condition. Although, buyers still do a final walk though before settlement, it is to verify negotiated items have been repaired and the home is in the same condition specified in the contract. 

The new contract reads that the home and conveying equipment will be in the same condition as either the contract ratification date or home inspection date. These changes make home inspections even more important because a buyer is relying on the inspection as a benchmark to the condition it should be in at settlement.

I am dedicated to providing you with valuable information about your new home that will save you money. You will learn that I am honest, trustworthy and thorough. Since questions are answered and client education begins on site, I strongly urge you to attend the inspection. VA Home Inspect, LLC builds strong inspection reports for you to negotiate with!

While Home ownership is very exciting and rewarding, there is no guarantee you will profit when you sell if your investment lacks the proper maintenance. Approximately half of the resale and ninety percent of foreclosed homes on the market today have at least one major significant defect that will end up costing more money to fix in the future then if corrected earlier. My home inspection business is dedicated to working in your best interest to uncover defects that could end up costing you money in both the short and long run.

Former Disabled Veteran of the USMC; Joseph Najm

 25% OFF Fire, Military, Police, 1st Time Home Buyers

25% OFF Fire, Military, Police, 1st Time Home Buyers

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