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You are making an excellent decision by contacting VA Home Inspect, LLC. Joseph is the only inspector and he always works in his clients’ best interest. Joseph is not trying to gain new business from the Realtors or seller. Joseph will provide you with the very Strongest Report of any inspector from Virginia, Washington D.C or Maryland (known as the DMV). His reports are geared to provide you with the leverage needed to navigate your way through the tough terrain of the real estate home inspection contingency. Joseph does not need to rely on Realtors for business as his website sits at the 1st page of the major search engines due to optimization and the age of the domain name. Joseph has been in the business of home inspections for a decade and has been performing handyman work for over 25 years. You have made the smartest step towards your investment by contacting and employing VA Home Inspect, LLC for your home inspection. Thank you for your inquiry and Joseph looks forward to speaking with you very soon.

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Joseph Najm; Owner
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